I made out with this dude on Sunday but I don’t know his name and he hasn’t texted me but he’s a babe and this is a sexy photo together.
Reply to me so we can make sexy babies pretty man

wow this morning couldn’t be worse if tried
woke up and hour before i was supposed to tell back asleep and almost slept in, woke up with no voice and my throat is all sore and swollen
vomited, forgot to get dog food out running late couldn’t feed her anything but biscuits had a big hole in my sock get in my car and i have no fuel and im running super late

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Katherine Paterson, Jacob Have I Loved


oscar worthy

So relevant to my life right now

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stop that

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Lee Price: American Figurative Realistic Oil Paintings

Lee Price an American figurative realist oil painter has created these amazing pieces of art might look like an intimate set of snapshots  … photorealistic oil portraits of herself enjoying food in a sensual setting.

In this beautiful piece of work, Lee is seen posing in a sublime state of quiet ecstasy, if its sitting in a bathtub nude holding a plate of butter and pancakes or lying in bed eating on a McDonald’s burger and milkshake.

Price says her work explores the relationship between food and women, depicting a setting in which indulgence and desires an uninhibited:

“ In this society, there’s so much pressure for women to be thin. We’re not supposed to have appetites and not just for food, but for a lot of things. “ Says Price

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if someone hurts you, stay the fuck away, no matter how hard it is, stay the fuck away

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j0iryyde asked: Reminder: Your value does not decrease based on another's inability to see your worth. Believe in yourself. Have a good day/night!!


Ow thanks :) that’s really nice of you!

reminder to me too


Near underarm really hurts like hell. 

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